We are a development and design company focusing on tailer-made designs.

We offer complete supllies of production plants, equipment and entire production lines on the Czech market and abroad.

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NEWS:04/05/2020We can produce PPE/Face Shield by 3D printing and laser cutting.

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Development of a target product based on the customer's requirements. An optimal technology is proposed with respect to the number of pieces to be produced. Software: Pro/Engineer Wildfire 5.0 / Creo 1.0 / Creo 2.0

Groundbreaking way of terrain mapping with the help of mobile laser mapper system LYNX.

For our customer QUANTUM 3D - GEOVAP, spol. s r.o., we have developed a 3D scanner vehicle attachment. The platform offers adjustable height, while the bottom position is used for transport.

Unlike the currently used static scanning method, mobile mapping has many advantages to offer. Instead of measuring buildings or objects one by one, this method allows for the scanning of whole towns, hundreds or even thousands of kilometres of highways and their surroundings in a fraction of time in comparison with the method using the total station. Our vehicle equiped with sensors and cameras travels through the given area at a speed ranging from 80 to 120kmph – the speed directly relates to the required scanning density. As it moves along the road the sensors scan all objects within their range. Then, the collected data are processed and serve as a base for creating the extraordinarily precise and complex 3D maps. The fact that the system does not need daylight to collect the data is an advantage that allows night scanning when the traffic is low.

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