We are a development and design company focusing on tailer-made designs.

We offer complete supllies of production plants, equipment and entire production lines on the Czech market and abroad.

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NEWS:04/05/2020We can produce PPE/Face Shield by 3D printing and laser cutting.

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We provide custom-made design both on and off site. We meet your requirements using our own software and hardware. Software: Pro/Engineer Wildfire 5.0 / Creo1.0 / Creo2.0

We design 3D hydraulic systems in the Piping module with different fitting standards:


On the basis of the hydraulic schematic are hoses / pipes  routed throughout the machine or its larger part using reference parts / skeletons. The valves, cylinders, hyd. pumps, hyd. motors and hydraulic tanks are connected together. Thanks to the 3D CAD system, we can measure the lengths of the tubes/hoses with great precision, make precise bending tables /drawings of tubes. The placement of hydraulic components in machines is also important for other design teams working on the same machine. The hydraulic system occupies a significant volume in the machines, which has to taken into account by designers of frame, covers, electrical circuits, and other machine parts . Therefore, we also recommend and perform 3D hydraulic design right from the begining of the entire  design process.

Due to the appropriate use of reference parts / skeletons, we can design and verify moving machine parts connected by hydraulic hoses.

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